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Lisbeth Danner - Thursday, July 25, 2019

Summer is finally here and it's time to enjoy your outdoor space. The feeling of the sun on your face with a drink in hand, lemonade with the kids or a cocktail with friends, a family BBQ, or just relaxing… All on your deck, of course, because that’s where summer dreams are made.

But what if your deck is too small for the big dreams you have? Or, you’ve been dreaming so long that it's time to wake up, get it done and make those dreams a reality.  Don’t wait for another summer to pass by. 

The best way to build a deck is to do it right! That actually means designing the deck you want way before any material is ordered. However, you need to ask yourself some questions. What will you be using the deck for? Huge family gatherings or only two people having a drink on a nice summer day? Will there be staircases and landings? Will it serve as a BBQ area/outdoor kitchen too? Think about these and all the questions that determine the usage and even the shape before moving forward with your project. The next step will be to decide on the material you want to use.

So, let’s talk about our favorite decking materials right now.  

Because of the undeniable beauty and longevity of exotic hardwoods, IPE (pronounced e-pay)and RED BALAU are the two favorite types of wood being used for decking.

Real estate agents say, if you are a homeowner who is looking to increase the value of your home for future resale, building a first-class outdoor wood deck is an effective and cost-efficient way to do so. And by doing so, you add space and extend the living area from inside your home to the outdoors.


An Ipe deck can be one of the strongest and longest-lasting structures of your home. Can you believe that? A tropical hardwood (sustainably sourced) from Central and South America, this species takes the prize for durability and lifespan. Decks made of Ipe are low maintenance, dense, rot resistant, and stunning in appearance. You know, Ipe has widely been used on a number of famous boardwalks. It has stood the test of 25 years plus of heavy foot traffic! Ipe decking will add value to your exterior living space: so, this decking is an investment worth making. Another cool fact about IPE is that it has the same fire rating as steel! Yes, as steel!

So, don’t try to make a campfire out of your scrap wood, you might end up being really disappointed. 


If an Ipe deck might be out of your price range or you are looking for a compromise between intense labor to install it and longevity, but you love the exotic hardwood look, then Red Balau is an excellent option to consider for your deck. This wood is favored by many, because of its unique elegance and its affordable price.

Red Balau is a product most recommended for decking and exterior uses. Offering superior qualities, such as natural resistance to rot and decay, this product stands the test of harsh weather conditions. It is not quite as strong as steel, but still very strong. And Red Balau has a such a wonderful reddish-brown color.