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Antique Heart Pine - New Face

New Face Antique Heart Pine features subtle reclaimed characteristics perfect for more refined rustic designs. Originally harvested to use in building construction for early America's schools, factories and mills (such as Columbia University's School of the Arts and the Revere Sugar Refinery), this material ages from 250-500 years old. With a planned face, these boards will show nail holes, aging cracks, and sound knots amongst a glowing amber grain. 

Technically a softwood by classification, Heart Pine is only slightly less dense than Red Oak (the standard in hardwood flooring). Heart Pine trees grow slowly, only about 1" in girth each year. This gives your wood flooring great strength. Sometimes the growth rings can be so densely packed you can barely distinguish one annular ring from its neighbor. How cozy!

  • Specie: Pinus Palustris (aka: long leaf pine or heart pine)
  • Janka Rating: 1225
  • Thickness: milled 3/4" for flooring, thicker material available
  • Widths: random widths 3" - 9", wider widths available
  • Lengths: random lengths 1-1/2' - 12'
  • Grade: sound material, reclaimed
  • Kiln Dried: Absolutely!
  • Solid Wood or Engineered: solid wood
  • Lumber Source: factories, universities, mills, typically originating from early American architecture
  • Coating Options: available uncoated and pre-coated, custom colors and coatings available: VOC free oils, stains, tongue oils, etc.
  • Character: knots, nail holes, color variation, oxidation, variety in grain pattern
  • Texture: smooth