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Maple - Dead Standing

Our Dead Standing Maple flooring has been harvested from dying maple trees found elevated from the forest floor, a form of forestry reclamation rather than structural reclamation. The trees have begun decomposing, allowing for insects (particularly beetles) and fungi to invade. Evidence of this process can be seen in the stunning streaks and color variations, a characteristic that does not affect the structural integrity of the wood. The resulting palette is beige with streaks of gray, brown and blue, a look perfect for both modern and rustic design tastes.                          


  • Specie: Soft Maple
  • Janka Rating: 950
  • Thickness: milled 3/4" for flooring
  • Widths: random widths 3" - 9"
  • Lengths: random lengths 1-1/2' - 12'
  • Grade: sound material, characteristic will differ per batch
  • Kiln Dried: kiln dried
  • Solid Wood or Engineered: solid
  • Lumber Source: harvested sustainably in New York whenever possible
  • Coating Options: available uncoated or pre-coated with a VOC free flooring oil
  • Character: knots, color variation, insect trails, mineral streaks
  • Texture: smooth or skip planed available