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Reclaimed Mushroom Wood

The unique texture setting Mushroom Wood siding and paneling apart from other reclaimed products are, indeed, the effects of growing mushrooms! Used originally to line the boxes of mushroom crops, Mushroom Wood is derived from salvaged Hemlock and Cypress boards, repurposed into spectacular wood products.

During the process of fungiculture, the boards are exposed to an abundance of acidity and water released from the compost used to grow the mushrooms. These enzymes devour the soft fibers in the wood, leaving only the tough, durable wood behind. The light-weight characteristic of this wood, in conjunction with its' natural resistance to moisture, makes for a versatile product for exquisite interior and exterior rustic designs. 



  • Specie: Hemlock or Cypress
  • Janka Rating: N/A
  • Thickness: milled 3/4" for paneling
  • Widths: typically 6-1/2" width or random width starting at 3"
  • Lengths: random lengths 1-1/2' - 12'
  • Grade: sound material, reclaimed
  • Kiln Dried: Absolutely!
  • Solid Wood or Engineered: solid wood
  • Lumber Source: dismantled planting beds from mushroom factories
  • Coating Options: vailable uncoated and pre-coated, custom colors available: VOC free oils, stains, tongue oils, etc.
  • Character: knots (including some open knots), color variation, open grain patterns, cracks, gouges
  • Texture: rough textured with deep grooves, material age will determine prominence of grain