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Reclaimed Oak- Herringbone & Chevron

Reclaimed Oak Parquet flooring gained popularity as the fashionable flooring in grand Parisian homes during the early-mid 1600's. This product became even more coveted when Louis XIV had it installed at the Palace of Versailles in the 1680's. Possibly the first parquet pattern in Europe, Herringbone and Cevron patterns elongate rooms, giving the floors great texture and variation when using reclaimed materials. 

Traditionally, this luxe flooring was intended to physically elevate and symbolically honor those who stood upon it; we believe this still to be true today! Excelsior has the craftsmanship to carefully mill these small, geometric repeating patterns to create a truly captivating space (patterns also available in new wood options).

  • Specie: White and Red Oak
  • Janka Rating: White Oak - 1360, Red Oak - 1260
  • Thickness: dependent on design
  • Widths: dependent on design
  • Lengths: dependent on design
  • Grade: sound material, reclaimed, old face (can use new face material if desired)
  • Kiln Dried: Absolutely!
  • Solid Wood or Engineered: solid wood
  • Lumber Source: old barns slated for demolition
  • Coating Options: available uncoated and pre-coated, custom colors available: VOC free oils, stains, tongue oils, etc.
  • Character: knots, nail holes, wide range of color variation, variety in grain pattern, saw marks, old tool marks, etc.
  • Texture: skip planed or 100% old face