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Reclaimed Redwood

Reclaimed Redwood wall paneling and siding is a glowing product full of charm and history. Harvested from NYC water towers, characteristics of this material include band marks, inky mineral streaks, eroded texture and dowel holes left behind from 30 - 40 years of service.

Redwood displays a beautiful vertical grain with minimal knots, resulting in a warm and consistent appearance. Even after years of exposure, Redwood still maintains the natural characteristics of being resistant to water and rot, allowing for it to be used easily in exterior applications. 



  • Specie: Reclaimed Redwood
  • Janka Rating: 450
  • Thickness: milled 3/4" for paneling, thicker material available
  • Widths: random widths 3" - 6"
  • Lengths: random lengths 1-1/2' - 12'
  • Grade: sound material, reclaimed
  • Kiln Dried: Absolutely!
  • Solid Wood or Engineered: solid wood
  • Lumber Source: dismanteled NYC water towers
  • Coating Options: available uncoated and pre-coated, custom colors available: VOC free oils, stains, tongue oils, etc.
  • Character: mineral streaks, occasional nail holes and dowel holes, rare knots, band marks, variation in color, patina
  • Texture: old original surface and new surface available